Playwright Michael Hollinger
Playwright Michael Hollinger

Julianna Zinkel as Raina Lamott and Biko Eisen-Martin as Jarell Hayes in Arden Theatre Company’s production of Playwright Michael Hollinger's Under the Skin. Photo Credit: Mark Gavin.


David Beach, Richard Topol, Douglas Rees and Michael Laurence in Playwright Michael Hollinger's Opus at Primary Stages. Photo Credit: James Leynse.

John Feltch (Marty), Federico Rodriguez (Steve), Robin Abramson (Jill) and Daniel Krell (Peter) in Playwright Michael Hollinger's Hope and Gravity at City Theatre. Photo Credit: Bill Wade/Post-Gazette

"Since art is based on life — which never retains the same mood for long — I believe a variety of tone is essential; that a little levity helps accentuate the gravity, and vice versa.  Finding the proper balance of what I call “ha-ha-ouch” can be tricky, but also deeply rewarding."

Michael Hollinger